COVID-19 Upsets More Greek Festivals in U.S., Canada Too

The National Herald

FILE - The St. Demetrios Festival in Jamaica featured the community's dancers whose performance delighted all those present. (Photo: Courtesy of St. Demetrios Jamaica)

It's not news anymore but the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the cancellation of more Greek festivals, and rescheduling and forcing the modification of others, with the 42nd annual event in Vancouver, Canada moved back to Aug. 15.

The event, said the site BIV, is a major draw each year, bringing in hundreds of people to enjoy the live music, entertainment, history, and, of course, loads of food.

The community and Hellenophiles in Pocatello, Idaho will miss out altogether though, with The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church canceling its event to help prevent the spread of the virus, although it's one of the biggest in the state.

“The moneys in the past have always gone to the restoration of our historic church. We’ve also worked on the landscaping of the grounds and the other buildings as well,” said Father Constantine Zozos, who said the festival will return in 2021.

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Sioux City, Iowa managed to pull theirs off recently although it looked a lot different, with the Greek food that's the real draw being served only through a drive-in setup.