Big Fat Greek Wedding Back on Facebook LiveStream COVID-19 Campaign

The National Herald

The Hellenic Film Society USA presents a free outdoor screening of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Photo: Courtesy of Hellenic Film Society USA

With lockdowns aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 slowly being lifted, people mostly stuck at home will be able to see some Hollywood blockbusters on Facebook to benefit first responders and other heroes fighting the pandemic.

It includes My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the 2002 sensation of writer and actor Nia Vardalos who brought to the world the funny if ironically stereotypically Portokalos family and friends, and her father, portrayed by Greek-American actor Michael Constantine, who figured Windex could cure anything and regaled her friends with the Greek roots of English words, including kimono he said came from Greek word winter – so you wear a robe.

The film was made for $5 million and earned more than $241 million at the box office, making Vardalos a household name, along with a lot of Greek words and eccentricities displayed by her oddball family.

“We are grateful to the big-hearted clients and studios who have made these special experiences happen on Facebook,” said Richard Lovett, president of CAA. “We hope audiences have a great time revisiting these classic movies in the company of the stars.”