The Birds Are Caught Again: The New Aircraft of Anna Lascari

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ATHENS - Anna Lascari returns to the concept of a swarm in an attempt to trace the configuration of the multitude in present-day. In this work, the swarm is implied in the title of the piece itself; the image of the birds dissipates and the oversized forms which abstractly allude to fragments of wings, hang inertly.

The menacing and organized swarm of black birds in the homonymous animation, Swarm (2010), has turned —in the large black and white drawing, Forecast (2013)— into a disorderly swarm of birds which invaded the private space disrupting its balance and imposing new unorthodox formations.

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Anna Lascari, "the birds are caught again", 2017, metal, aluminum, resin, gauze, paper, plaster, parafin, glass, 80 x 150 x 46 cm (approximately). Photo by TNH

In the birds are caught again, the black color of the previous works has been replaced with the whiteness of plaster and paraffin, and the transparency of glass, suggesting, at a very first reading, through these fragile materials, the inability of movement. At the same time, the whiteness and the fragmented forms leave ample of space for shifts, compositions and revisions intimating that there are inconspicuous and lurking processes at work. Here, fragility becomes a territory of pursuit.

Fragments can construct a dynamic relation. Political potentiality can be detected in the broken body and in the refusal to fill in what is missing; the denial of ambition for the whole. Movement (and the movement) rises from precarious areas and their nexus.

The birds are caught again is part of the group exhibition “Antiquidia” which is organized on the occasion of the great feast happening in Athens due to documenta 14, Th exhibition opened on Tuesday, 4 April in gallery in Psyrri, Athens.


It’s an exhibition where the artists are invited to be inspired by an artwork of antiquity and express their own contemporary proposal.

The presence of contemporary Greek artworks alongside the country’s revered ancient monuments makes the artists aware of their living relationship to their history. Undoubtedly, the claim of a country to a cultural identity that is connected to its past is valid to the extent that its society, its artists' creativity and its art in general, demonstrate a capacity to change the coordinates of this relationship by extending the interpretation of history.

The gallery exhibition "Antiquidia", through the 13 artists' works, seeks to convey to the public the energy that emanates from a creative approach to history.

The National Herald Archive

Delving deeply into history and time like inspired archeologists, the artists rejoin fragments of memory trying to transfer the philosophy of the past into modern reality. In doing so, they had to rid themselves of any inhibitions and fears that by doing so they could be considered as mere reproducers of a fruitless and obsessive adherence to the Greek ancient heritage.

The exhibition poses the questions, through the attestation of the work of art, one of the most interesting chapters of the discourse between the old and the new; between the contemporary Greek creation and the weighty legacy of our ancient history.