Roumeliotis’ "After the Chaos, What?" Addresses Global Disharmony

The National Herald Archive

Panagiotis Roumeliotis, Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos, Nina Kasimatis, Aristotle Tziampiris, Agglelos Kotios, and Athanasios Platias. Photo by Constantine Sirigos.

ATHENS – Greece’s capital has become a world class city, but while it now attracts top international cultural, scientific and commercial events and conferences, it was always filled with leading scholars in all fields, as was demonstrated by the panelists who recently discussed the latest book of economist, academic, banker and politician Panagiotis Roumeliotis, professor at Panteion University.

“Mετα το Χαος, Τι? – After the Chaos, What?” was just released by the Publishing Organization SA Livanuis. It is an informative and thought-provoking examination of the dramatic and anxiety-producing changes the world is undergoing by focusing on the social, economic, and political turmoil in the domestic geopolitical realms .

Dr. Aristotle Tziampiris, Chairman of the Department of European and International Studies at the University of Piraeus, was the moderator, who noted that while the book does not constitute a crystal ball, reading it will enable us to ask helpful questions about what is going on and what may come.

In addition to the author, panelists included Dr. Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos of Panteion University, Member of Parliament Nina Kasimatis, and Aggelos Kotios, Rector, and Athanasios Platias, Professor of Strategy and director of graduate studies at the Department of International and European Studies at the University of Piraeus.

The more than 100 people filled the Nikos Skalkotas auditorium of the Megaron Mousikis were riveted to presentations that Tziampiris was loath to cut off, but while he expressed regret that the scheduled Q&A could not take place, the book will surely generate more discussion in the city of Plato, Aristotle, and Thucydides - all of whom were quoted in the book.