New Kingdom Tomb Unearthed in DraaAbulNagaa Necropolis, Egypt

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Photo: Facebook/Egypt Ministry of Antiquities

CAIRO - The Egyptian archaeological mission working in DraaAbulNagaa necropolis on Luxor’s west bank unearthed the funerary collection of a New Kingdom tomb of Userhat, the city jury, according to Egypt Ministry of Antiquities.

Tomb Description

It represents a typical example of a nobleman tomb. It is a T-shaped tomb consists of an open court leading into a rectangular hall, a corridor and an innerchamber.

After removing almost 450 metres of debris out of theopen court, appeared the entrance of the tomb as well as two other entrances leading to two joint tombs.

Excavation works are at its full swings to reveal the secrets of these two tombs.

The National Herald Archive

Photo: Facebook/Egypt Ministry of Antiquities

Inside the rectangular hall, a well-preserved wooden coffin, decorated with coloured scenes, was unearthed and a nine metres deep shaft was uncovered. Inside the shaft, the mission has located two rooms; one on the eastern sidewhere a collection ofushabti figurines, wooden masks and a handle of a sarcophagus lid was unearthed. The second one is located on the western side but did not completely excavatedyet.

The corridor of the tomb leads into an inner chamber where a cachette of sarcophagi is found. It houses a collection of sarcophagi from the 21st Dynasty with mummies wrapped in linen. A collection of ushabti figurines carved in faience, terracotta and wood was also unearthed as well as another collection of clay pots of different shapes and sizes.

Team Work Dr. MostafaWaziri, Head of Archaeological mission Mohamed Khalil Head of the Antiquities Inspectors Mohamed Daabish and Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Antiquities Inspectors Ahmed Baghdady and Ramadan Salem, Restorers