Aida Opera in Unique Performances by the Athens Philharmonia Orchestra

The National Herald Archive

(Photo published by ANA)

ATHENS - Giuseppe Verdi’s magnificent opera Aida opens the 2019-2020 season of the Athens Philharmonic Orchestra with an international co-production with lyric artists and artistic groups from countries around the world. The Athens Philharmonia Orchestra, the Hellenic Opera Corporation, the German Opera Classica Europa and the Romanian Opera Constanza will present Verdi's favorite work in two unique performances on Friday, September 13, at the Petra Theatre in Petroupoli and on Saturday, September 14, at the Veakeio Theatre in Piraeus.

Over 100 artists, soloists, choristers and members of the orchestra will perform the immortal arias and the imposing chorus of the opera. The cast includes Philippos Modinos (Randames), Cassandra Dimopoulou (Amneris), Yamel Domort (Aida), Bartozs Onufry Urbanowicz (Ramfys), Jaime Eduardo Pialli (Amonasro), Jenny Drivala (Priestess) and Nikolas Karagiaouris (King). Directed by Michael Vaccaro and directed by Byron Fidetzis.

With the participation of: the New Athens Academic Choir, the National Conservatory Choir, the New Smyrna Melodic Choir and the Nova Chorus Men's Choir.