EU Urges, But Won't Push, Turkey to Stop Provoking Greece
Greek Properties Switching from Airbnb Back to Long-Term Rentals
John Catsimatidis Considering Run for NYC Mayor
Archbishop Elpidophoros’ Meeting with President Trump Canceled
Biden: Trump "Consumed" by Ego, Not Leading during Crisis

COVID-19 Leaves the US Travel Industry Struggling to Recover

U.S. air travel down almost 90% from a year ago. A ghostly emptiness at Hawaii's tourist hotels. Deserted Las Vegas casinos counting the days to reopening.

Biden: Trump "Consumed" by Ego, Not Leading during Crisis

PHILADELPHIA — Joe Biden on Tuesday blistered President Donald Trump a day after police drove back peaceful protesters near the White House so Trump could pose with...

Presidents Have Leeway to Use Military for Domestic Purposes

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's warning that he would deploy the United States military to any state that refuses to take aggressive action against rioting...

Turkey Denounces Arson Attack on Cypriot Mosque

Turkish officials expressed outrage over an attempt to burn down a mosque on the side of Cyprus of the legitimate government and called on government officials to offer protection.

Cyprus Will Text Migrants: Stay Away, No EU Gate Here

Cyprus will hit mobile phones with multi-lingual text messages that the country is not a path for migrants to get into the European Union after reaching the island where they are in limbo.

Rich Russians Jetted to Cyprus During COVID-19 Lockdown

With the money to do it, wealthy Russians who wanted to get out of their hard-hit country during the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic took private jets to Cyprus, which had a better record dealing with the health crisis and has a heavy Russian influence.

U.S.-Based Laconiko Wins Gold in World’s Largest Olive Oil Competition

NEW YORK – Laconiko was awarded another gold medal in the world's largest extra virgin olive oil competition in New York on May 8. This was its tenth award from the...

Cypriot Designer Michael Anastassiades Shares Tips on Visiting Cyprus

LONDON, UK – Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades has been based in London since 1988 and founded his studio there in 1994. He trained as a civil engineer at London&rsquo...

Video Shows Man Killed in Kentucky Fired a Gun

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Video shows that a man fatally shot while police and National Guard soldiers were enforcing a curfew in Louisville fired a gun as officers approached...

Trump's Actions Render Trudeau Speechless for 21 Seconds

TORONTO — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canadians are watching what's unfolding in the United States with “horror and consternation” and he...

Guard from Several States in D.C. to Help

WASHINGTON — The nearly 1,300 D.C. National Guard members who have been activated to deal with the civil unrest were joined Monday evening by Guardsmen from Utah and New...

Two More Lawmakers with COVID-19 Die in Pakistan as New Cases Spike

KARACHI, Pakistan -- Two Pakistani lawmakers have died after testing positive for the coronavirus amid a spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

Spain Recorded No Deaths from COVID-19 for a Second Day in a Row

MADRID -- Spain's Health Ministry says it recorded no deaths from COVID-19 for a second day in a row.

Dubai to Let Shopping Malls, Private Sector, Operate at Full Capacity

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Dubai has announced that shopping malls and the private sector can operate at full capacity starting Wednesday following weeks of restrictions...