America: As Seen from the Other Side of the Atlantic

A general relief prevails in Greece after the defeat of Trump and the election of Biden to the presidency of the United States.

Not that the former President has been forgotten. Many continue to express their amazement about his election. They still cannot fathom that such a thing took place in the U.S.

And most of all, they find the events of January 6 at the Capitol unimaginable. These scenes could have been played out in other countries, like Greece, but not in the United States.

Greek society continues to watch with interest everything that happens in the America. Not with the same interest as during the Trump era, but certainly with great attention. They are trying to understand the philosophy of the new American President. The use of the State to solve economic and social problems. The changes taking place in foreign policy. Many still cannot accept that America is turning its attention to China, that it now sees Beijing as its main adversary and not Moscow. And in general, they cannot accept that Europe is increasingly secondary to U.S. interests after Asia, the new rising continent.

They are watching the new government with interest, but without enthusiasm. Perhaps the age of the President also plays a role in this – which in Europe is perceived as more of an important factor, as well as an obstacle, than it is in the U.S.

They don’t understand that compared with their own leaders, a U.S. president is more a coach than a star player on the field and that with an effective team, a president with a good plan can succeed no matter how old he is. Remember Ronald Reagan, who many consider one of America’s most effective and greatest presidents.

It will take time for Greece and the rest of Europe to take the pulse of the new American President, to understand what is guiding him to the decisions he is making.

Biden, both in America and in Europe, has been known for his involvement in politics for decades, but he was never the one who made the decisions, who played the primary role. That is why most people are still looking to see what he will ultimately do.

However, what has been established is the belief that Biden will agree with Greece regarding its problems with Turkey.

Of course, there is a serious basis for this – his long-standing relations with the Greek-American community, which sheds some light on why, for example, Biden has not yet contacted Erdogan, in contrast to his warm telephone communication with the Greek Prime Minister.

That situation also stems from the actions of Erdogan himself, who continues to create problems that hinder his acceptance by Western governments and public opinion. For example, his recent unacceptable actions on issues like gender equality, etc. which will definitely make a bad impression in Washington – after all, at some point, Vice President Kamala Harris will be in the same room with him, either in Turkey or elsewhere.

But also, in general, Greek-American relations are going through a golden period. Defense cooperation is deepening more and more. The popular mobilizations against the U.S. by the KKE and other leftists seem to be about the cost of the weapons systems Greece is now pursuing and nothing else.

Cooperation with investors such as Microsoft and others also seems to be increasing.

However, much more investment is needed to be able to stop the Chinese ‘invasion’ of Greece.

The danger is that there is such certainty in the public opinion that the U.S. will give Greece total support in a moment of crisis with Turkey that if the support falls short of the public’s expectation, it will lead to severe disappointment and ultimately to the public’s turning against the United States (and all the other consequences that come along with that). 



It is a well-known fact that the Nazis looted the property of Jews.

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A former senator, minister, cabinet secretary, chief of staff to Australian former PM John Howard for more than a decade, Arthur Synodinos is Australia’s ambassador to the United States since 2020.

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