Letter to Editor

A Proposal for a New Nonprofit

Dear Editor,

As a simple Greek-American with dual citizenship, a veteran of the Greek Army, that I served with patriotic enthusiasm for my motherland Greece in the difficult times of the brutal Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, I propose the creation of a well-organized Not For Profit entity, with offices in Washington, DC, having as its specific mission the protection of the ethnic sovereign rights, interests and borders of Greece and Cyprus, through the Diaspora’s structured representation and influence in the U.S.

House of Representatives and Senate. The most suitable person to lead the above proposed non for profit entity is the charismatic leader Mr. Andrew Liveris, the former successful CEO of the Dow Chemical Company. As for the rest of the prestigious heavyweight members of the board, I propose the following Greek-Americans who have excellent leadership qualifications, proven abilities, and who also have done tremendous work in our Diaspora, Arianna Huffington, Antonis Diamataris, John Catsimatidis Sr., John Calamos Sr., Dean Metropoulos, Michael Psaros, George Logothetis, and George Stamas, among other unmentioned prospective members.

I am hopeful that all of the above eminent Greek-Americans will accept my proposal and move forward with its implementation. It goes without saying that I am at their disposal. At this moment Greece and Cyprus need the support of our Diaspora more than ever, because they are endangered by relentless Turkish aggressiveness and expansionism.

In a few words, they are in danger of ceasing to exist as intact sovereign nations in the medium term future, and especially Greece, because of the endless massive inflow of refugees into its territory which causes population mutation and leads with a mathematical certainty to the demographic genocide of the indigenous Greek people though the exclusive culpability of Turkey. In closing, I am publicly asking the esteemed Mr. Antonis Diamataris in a timely fashion to organize the formation meeting of the above-proposed Not For Profit entity. All together. United. Strong. Νυν υπέρ πάντων ο αγών. Respectfully,

Achilles Ligeras,

New York


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