Greek-Am. Company Launches NY’s Largest PV Solar Energy System

SPRINGFIELD GARDENS – A Greek-American owned facility in Springfield Gardens was the launch site on September 15 of the largest photovoltaic (PV) in New York State.

The system is named “The Bloomberg-JFK Airport Park Solar Project,” derived from the names of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Greek-American-owned company JFK Airport Park (JFKAP).

The power generated will supply electricity to the “Bloomberg LLP” tower and JFKAP’s Data Center, both in Manhattan.

The Project launching included representatives from city and state governments, and from companies such as EnterSolar and Con Edison.

Dr. George Kofinas, Director of the Kofinas Fertility Group, told TNH he was very pleased with both the building complex and the new system. JFKAP President John Phufas told TNH that it was a challenging venture.


The launch ceremony was different from several others in that the ribbon was not placed at the building entrance as usual, but on a photovoltaic panel, the same as the other 5,500 panels comprising the system and producing nearly two million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. The system produces enough power to electrify 244 homes and reduces environmental pollution by 1.1 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

NYC Councilman Donovan Richards, of the 31st District in Queens cut the ribbon and expressed his gratitude for the project, emphasizing that it is one of the largest built in the area since hurricane “Sandy” hit three years ago. He emphasized that this undertaking results in rising property values for all the properties in the Springfield Gardens area.

Phufas praised the role of all those who contributed in implementing this challenging project and thanked them for excellent results.