Greece Braces For Heat Wave

Austerity-weary Greeks, already girding for more tough conditions, now will have to face a heat wave expected to send temperatures past 104 degrees, 40 degree celsius, this week.

The temperature in Athens is due to be as high as 98.6 on July 27, leaving many Greeks with few options to cool off as there are almost no municipal swimming pools and many public beaches are cordoned off by private operations charging 10 euros ($11) or more admittance.

The winds aren’t expected to get past 4 Beaufort, about 13-18 miles per hour, so don’t count on Mother Nature’s air conditioning either.

It will be – relatively – cooler in southern Greece where the temperatures on the southern part of the Peloponnese are predicted to be about 95, if you call that better. It will be the same on the Cycladic islands as Greeks ready to head for their villages and the seaside in August.