Greeks Favor SYRIZA, Eurozone Too

ATHENS – Continuing their contradiction, most Greeks favor the tough negotiating line of the Radical Left SYRIZA in talks with international lenders, but want to stay in the Eurozone.

The troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) has warned, however, that all the tough talk from SYRIZA is just bringing the likelihood of default and a Eurozone exit.

A poll conducted by Public Issue for the pro-government newspaper Avgi, shows 54 percent backing the SYRIZA-led government’s handling of the negotiations but not at the cost of the country going broke, mutually exclusive.

Some 59 percent believe Greece must not give in to demands, with 89 percent against pension cuts and 81 percent against mass lay-offs. The creditors, however, said unless more reforms are imposed the consequences could be even worse.

The SYRIZA-led government is locked in talks with the troika to release a blocked final 7.2-billion-euro ($7.9 billion) tranche of its 240-billion-euro bailout.

According to reports, creditors are demanding further budget cuts worth 5 billion euros including pension cuts and mass lay-offs, conditions Tsipras vowed never to accept, leaving him in a tough spot.

Tsipras said that his government “won’t budge to irrational demands” that involve crossing SYRIZA’s “red lines”.