Carrots, Not Sticks For Workers

ATHENS – Greece’s new coalition government plans to improve notoriously poor bureaucratic service by offering rewards instead of punishing slackers.

Officials at the Administrative Reform Ministry are finalizing a new evaluation scheme for civil servants aimed at improving performance and offering incentives to slackers rather than going after them, Kathimerini reported.

The draft bill, which is to be unveiled next month, would provide incentives for promotion for good workers while poor workers would be urged to do better, a tactic that hasn’t worked for generations as Greek civil offices are famous for being overstaffed, under-performing and ignoring customers.

It had been virtually impossible to get rid of dead wood in the Greek civil service even if workers had committed egregious offenses or don’t come to work at all.

Officials drafting the new scheme have sought know-how from the French and Swedish governments and are expected to put greater emphasis on an overall assessment rather than the personal interview that had been the focus of a scheme introduced by the previous conservative-led coalition.