Police Say Man Killed Daughter, 4

ATHENS — Greek police say they have arrested a man on suspicion of killing his 4-year-old daughter and disposing of the body, more than a week after he declared her missing, sparking a nationwide alert.

A police statement says the 27-year-old Bulgarian national was arrested late May 4, after blood traces in the family’s central Athens apartment were found to match his daughter’s genetic profile.

The child’s Bulgarian mother was also arrested, on suspicion of exposing the little girl to danger and providing false testimony to police.

The woman originally told authorities that she had left the child with an acquaintance whose full name and address she didn’t know, and that the girl then disappeared.

Police were expected to provide full details on the case May 5. The body hasn’t been found.

Officers questioned the man immediately after Ani Borisova was reported missing by her mother.

The suspect, a drug addicted, was freed during an initial investigation due to a lack of evidence before new clues led police back to him.

He denied the charges, claiming he found the toddler dead and disposed of the body in a panic. He allegedly boiled the pieces of his daughter and threw them in the trash.

(Material from the Associated Press was used in this report)