Occupying Terrorist Sympathizers Keep UAthens Locked Down

ATHENS – Their school controlled for 15 days by anarchists who want terrorists released from jail and a ban on maximum security prisons banned, University of Athens officials want Prime Minister and Radical Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras to finally do something.

Tsipras, who had sympathized with anarchist protests against the former government before he took office in January, has been reluctant to act against them even though they have occupied his party’s office and other government buildings with impunity.

SYRIZA critics say the party is riddled with anarchists and supporters of terrorism and so far the coalition government, that includes the far-right Independent Greeks (ANEL) have sat on the sidelines and let the occupations go on without sending in police.

The rectorate of Athens University wrote Tsipras and SYRIZA leader on April 13 asking them to find some way to get the anarchists out of the building so operations can go on. The school is frequently shut by various protesters, including its own staff, and rarely is anything done about it.

In the letter, the university officials said the school, which doesn’t rate among the best in the world, can’t operate because the anarchists have taken over, and said that there’s also drug dealing going on inside the school now.

When the protesters took over more than two weeks ago, the group, then numbering only 20 to 30, were given several hours to leave but ignored the order and have since remained inside and gone out to raise flags of victory.

University authorities contacted prosecutors and Alternate Minister for Citizen’s Protection Yiannis Panousis to ask for assistance but he only responded with a newspaper column condemning their actions but doing nothing else about it.

The protesters want the immediate release of notorious November 17 convicted terrorist Savvas Xiros, who played a role in many murders, as well as relatives of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire terrorists.

The government has already said it would give in to the protesters but isn’t moving fast enough to satisfy them while prosecutors said they fear there will be a wholesale release of dangerous criminals as SYRIZA wants leniency for them.

Panousis had said that he believes the protesters wanted to see their cities and countries “without personal, social and national security as well as without an army, police, judges and prisons.”

Other anarchist protesters have even gotten into the courtyard of the Parliament and other government buildings and are operating at will so far.