Greece Denies Reforms Foot-Dragging

ATHENS – Disputing a German newspaper report, Greece’s Finance Ministry insisted it is not delaying work on critical reforms needed to unblock aid from international lenders.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung said Eurozone officials engaged in talks with Greece were bitterly disappointed in the attitude and said one of the Greek representatives acted like a “taxi driver,” demanding money because he said the country was going bankrupt.

“When the readers of FAS read the minutes of the Euro Working Group meeting the newspaper will have difficulty justifying its headline and the content of its article,” the Finance Ministry statement said. “Such reports undermine the negotiation and Europe.”

There is tension between the two sides since Greece has failed to provide a credible list of reforms since being granted a four-month bailout extension on Feb. 20.

A meeting of deputy finance ministers – called the Euro Working Group – on April 9 gave Athens a six working day deadline to present a revised economic reform plan before Eurozone finance ministers meet on April 24 to decide whether to unlock emergency funding to keep Greece afloat.