Pascha Message: Renewal of Hope

ATHENS – As the country set about celebrating Orthodox Easter under Sunday morning’s brilliant sunshine, the country’s political leadership took advantage of the holiday’s rich symbolism to send messages of an imminent renewal and rebirth of hope to crisis-weary Greeks.
A start was made by President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos immediately after attending the midnight service in Kalamata with his family, who noted that the miracle of Christ’s resurrection meant the passage from death to life and expressed hope that this Easter would mark for all peoples and especially Greeks “the final prevailing of human dignity through the protection of people’s inalienable fundamental rights and through the establishment of social justice.”
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras singled out this year’s Easter holiday as special, saying it “brings the renewal of our people’s hope for a better tomorrow, [one] that has already taken its first steps.”
“This is our Resurrection. It is the resurrection of all of us that have taken the decision to stand upright, look up, and united overcome all the difficulties of this time,” he said.
According to the prime minister, the message of the holiday was one of life and justice that was heard in Greece, in Europe and throughout the world.
“We have already made the major start. We have the right and the ability to take it to the end. The spring of creation must put an end to the winter of resignation,” he added.
Main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras wished every Greek man and woman progress and health and expressed hope that the country “would soon emerge from the difficulties and that the sacrifices of the Greek people should finally be vindicated and bring results.”