Greek Americans react to University of Utahs pro-FYROM conference

The University of Utah, with the help and support of the Skopjian lobby in Washington DC and the support of the Turkish Lobby which has facilitated Turkish government funding of the University of Utah, is launching a conference on Nov 5th 2009 on University of Utah grounds dedicated to advancing false historical revisionism and irredentist propaganda.

According to Ioannis Fidanakis, President of the Panthracian Union of America “Orpheus,” and the
Hellenic League of America speakers will promote neocommunist false historical revisionism attempting to downplay the immense loss of Hellenic life to terrorism, downplay the suffering (through the use of Child Abduction of Hellenic children and outright war) under Communist and Skopjian occupation, and advance a general atmosphere of anti-Hellenic hate. The fact that this Anti-Hellenic Hate Fest is taking place in Utah, a state where unrepentant Nordic supremacists massacred Hellenes in bloody and gruesome lynchings is particularly troubling and offensive to the Hellenic-American community.

An awareness campaign is currently being headed up by the HLA, and Greek Americans and philhellenes are urged to telephone, email, fax and write to the Michael K. Young, President of the University of Utah, and urge him to stop the Skopjian conference.

Below is a letter sent by Mr. Fidanakis to Mr. Young.

Dear Chancellor

It has recently come to our attention that your University, the oldest institution of higher education in the state of Utah, will be holding the 7th “Macedonian”- North American Conference on so-called “Macedonian” Studies on November 5th. A decision which, Freedom of Speech aside begs to question your institution’s academic creditability in promoting a conference rooted in Stalinist historical revisionism and Macedonist propaganda. The same propaganda that has led to over 332 academic scholars, to date, to co-sign a letter to President Barack Obama in opposition of such historical revisionism your institution is now supporting.

Where is the creditability of your institution when hosting a conference supported by Anti-Hellenic organizations such as the ‘United Macedonian Diaspora’, who’s President is openly racist against Hellenic-Americans? Would the University of Utah be so open to host a conference supported by say an Anti-Semitic or Anti-Mormon organization? Is this the type of company an institution as old as yours keeps?

What is the academic importance of screening a conspiracy fiction film, such as The Secret Book? A film in which tells the story of the search for a mystical book written in Glagolitic, the alphabet created by ethnic Hellenic brothers Saints Cyril and Methodius? Full of symbolic undertones of the radical ‘Macedonism’ ideology, which calls for the ‘union’ of ‘occupied’ parts of Macedonia with the FYROM. Self evident in the movies character Pavle Bigorski and his three brothers, which are suppose to symbolize the ‘three regions’ inhabited by so called ‘ethnic Macedonians”.

Where is the academic responsibility of your institution when you allow blatant lies against the historical events of the paidomazoma? An event in which the world witnessed the forced abduction of roughly 28,000 ethnic Hellenic children to be raised in Communist states as Macedonist Janissary, a fact which was recognized by a United Nations Special Committee at the time.

The fact that your institution would allow itself to host such an Anti-Hellenic conference clearly shows that Anti-Hellenism is alive and well in the state of Utah. Reopening the wounds suffered by the Hellenic community of your state. Has nothing been learned by the Anti-Hellenic events witnessed against Hellenic Americans in Carbon County? When Utah newspapers openly published Anti-Hellenic thoughts and violent persecution was endured by ethnic Hellenes. Has Anti-Hellenism found a new home in Utah, in the halls of the University of Utah?

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