Xiros Linked To Jail Blackmailing

ATHENS – Greek police said they have found evidence in a hideout of apprehended terrorist fugitive Christodoulos Xiros that he was involved in an extortion racket at the high-security Korydallos Prison where he had been kept, and to which he was returned.

Authorities said Xiros wanted to help members of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire terrorist group with whom he had been housed and had allegedly collaborated with to break out with an elaborate plan, although it was said earlier they also wanted him killed.

The key link between the terrorists and the crime racket is thought to be a 54-year-old former member of the police’s special forces unit, Christos Patoucheas, allegedly an accomplice of Xiros and who was thought to be close to the racket leaders.

Witness testimonies indicate that he secured the weapons for the planned hit on Korydallos and the explosives used in bomb attacks against judges and entrepreneurs ordered by the racket.

Media reports said that that phone cards and handwritten notes found at the Anavyssos hideout indicate that Patoucheas, Xiros and an Albanian, aged 37, worked closely together.