John Milios, SYRIZA Chief Economist, Says They Will Not Run Deficits

ATHENS, Greece — A leftist Greek government won’t run deficits, but will pursue fiscal consolidation, the main opposition party’s chief economy policymaker says.

“Fiscal consolidation? Of course, yes, but in our way,” John Milios, chief economist for the opposition Syriza Party’s Economic Policy Committee told The Associated Press on Saturday.

Speaking two days before a crucial parliamentary vote for Greek president will determine whether the country will go to early elections in January or February, Milios appeared certain Greece is headed for early elections that will result in a stable Syriza majority.

Milios also said Syriza won’t attempt to bring incomes back to pre-crisis levels, but will begin by helping the neediest. He was also adamant that the best course for Greece is to remain in the eurozone.