CHRISTMAS CAROL COUNTDOWN: Midnight Clear # 1 – Frank Sinatra

From now until Christmas Day we will feature the countdown of 10 of the most popular versions of the beloved Christmas carol, “It Came upon the Midnight Clear.” To compare apples to apples, we chose 10 soloists, all male. Our staff members ranked the videos, and here are the results – from 10 to 1. Some comments from the judges are included (including my own two cents). How did we do? Please let us know – and, most of all, enjoy!

Is there any contest Frank Sinatra doesn’t win?   He won TNH’s “Midnight Clear” contest by a mile – gaining a ton of first place votes and finishing near the top by virtually everyone else.  I had him 4th overall, behind Sergio Franchi (3rd) and Mario Lanza (2nd). I thought the accompanying vocals were a bit too pronounced. Also,  unless the song were something like Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” – I’ll almost always pick the version by an Italian tenor.  And I had Johnny Mathis #1 for the version I thought outshone the rest.

But back to Frank – his win among our staff overall shows why he’s in a class by himself.