Tsunis Won’t Be US Ambassador to Norway

WASHINGTON, DC – George Tsunis, the Greek-American attorney, businessman, and political fundraiser, who was nominated by President Obama to become the next U.S. Ambassador to Norway will not be confirmed by the Senate to that diplomatic post, Newsday reported.

In fact, the Senate will not even vote on his nomination. “It’s over,” Tsunis told Newsday.

A shaky performance during his confirmation hearing in February, during which Tsunis did not seem well-versed in the politics of Norway, sparked sharp criticism from numerous legislators, not least of which Arizona Senator John McCain.

Newsday reported that at the urging of Norwegian-American activists seeking to block Tsunis’ nomination, Democratic Senators Al Franken, Tim Johnson, and Amy Klobuchar said that they would vote against his confirmation.

Would he consider the post again if the incoming Congress were to renominate him? “I don’t think anybody would think it’s a good idea,” he told Newsday. “Norway has been without an ambassador for two years and the overarching thing should be: Let’s get them a first-rate ambassador.”