Burger King Coming To Greece

Hoping to succeed where other American food franchises – including Wendy’s and McDonald’s – have flopped, America’s second-biggest fast food chain Burger King will open franchises in Greece.

The company is in more than 100 countries around the world and will enter the Greek market through the joint venture Burger King Southern and Eastern Europe SA, set up to promote activities in Italy, Poland, Greece and Romania.

Burger King SEE will have sub-franchise rights for all of those markets, where with the exception of Greece, Burger King is already present. The new venture will aim at “aggressive development” in Italy, Poland and Romania, and at its introduction in the Greek market, Burger King Worldwide announced. In March it also announced its return to Cyprus.

The venture intends to create up to 10,000 jobs in the first five to seven years of its operation in South and Eastern Europe. It will have a tough sell in Greece where Wendy’s burger joint flopped and where McDonald’s has had trouble keeping franchises open with the exception of its main facility in the heart of Athens’ Syntagma Square.

Jose Cil, head of the Europe, Middle East and Africa department of Burger King Worldwide, said the company would do well in Greece where there are also many independent burger shops battling the giants, particularly in the quality burger market. Goody’s, the local market leader, recently introduced a new store brand, the Goody’s Burger House.