St. Nicholas Feast Day 2014 at Ground Zero; Construction Three Months Away

NEW YORK – One day before the Feast Day of St. Nicholas much of Ground Zero was a hive of construction activity near the site of the New St. Nicholas Shine. Work was being done inside the Vehicle Security Center and on top of it – which will be a park that will effectively form the courtyard of the Church that will replace the only house of worship destroyed on 9/11.
The site of the Church itself was quiet on the afternoon of December 6 since the coldest parts of winter must pass before the concrete for the shell can be poured for the Santiago Calatrava-designed Church that will evoke the Great Church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.
Among those who have committed funds to the project whose hard construction costs are budgeted at $38 million is the Order of AHEPA, which has committed to raising $500,000 and hopes to raise $1 million.
Nicholas Karacostas, who has been named chairman of the organization’s St. Nicholas fundraising committee, kicked off its two year fundraising campaign on December 6.
Karacostas, the former Supreme President of AHEPA and its current Chairman of the Board, made a presentation about the national endeavor during the 12th annual initiation and luncheon of New Rochelle AHEPA Chapter # 405 at the Westchester Country Club in Rye.
He will be firing up chapters across the country.
Philip Frangos, AHEPA Supreme President, who was also present, declared it is not a local project, because on 9/11 all of America was attacked.