VOTE VOTE VOTE: Your Influence Counts – Use It!

NEW YORK – These are known as off year elections, but a lot is at state in 2104 up and down New York State and across the country.

Nationally, the Democratic Party is bracing itself for the strong possibility that they will lose control of the United States Senate. Its leadership is clinging the the hope that they will at least end up with a 50-50 split with Vice President Joe Biden as the potential tie-breaking vote on legislation.

In New York, the State Senate is also up for grabs but Democrats are guardedly optimistic that they will finally gain control after years of struggle.

It looked as is that would happen after the 2012 elections, but the goal was thwarted when senators elected as democrats entered into a coalition agreement with Republicans led by Greek-American Dean Skellos, the Senate Majority Leader.

Another Greek-American, Michael Gianaris, is the second highest Democrat in the Senate. He is the chair of the New York State Democratic Senate Campaign Committee and has been working hard to make a democratic majority a reality. Democrats already controls the State Assembly and the state house. Governor Andrew Cuomo is also up for re-election.