Political Clash Over Greece’s Waste Plans

ATHENS – The Greek government could override a decision by Attica Gov. Rena Dourou to scrap bids for the construction of four waste management plants around the capital.

Dourou is from the major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) that has challenged Prime Minister and New Democracy chief Antonis Samaras’ policies, including austerity and waste management.

How Greece handles it waste could be decided this week when the board members of the local authority, ESDNA, that deals with the issue will be elected. this issue will be elected.

Dourou presides over ESDNA, but only appoints two of the other six members. The remaining four members are elected by the Regional Union of Municipalities of Attica (PEDA).

Representatives of Attica’s 66 municipalities are due to meet on Oct. 29 to elect PEDA’s President who will then appoint an executive committee that will, among other things, appoint the four PEDA board members.

Critics said Dourou’s reluctance could cost Greece 200 million euros in European Union structural funds that had been earmarked for the projects, which the government wants to proceed.

Dourou argues that there was not enough consultation before the projects were finalized and put to tender. Her bid to stop their construction will depend largely on who is appointed to the board of ESDNA

A local authority official told Kathimerini that if a mayor loyal to the government, such as Pendelis’ Dimitris Stergiou, is elected as PEDA’s President he is certain to appoint officials that will back the government’s policy and overrule Dourou.