To Potami Names Issues Team

ATHENS – The new populist party To Potami (The River) has put together a list of 51 people to represent its stance on a range of policy issues.

The party formed by former TV journalist Stavros Theodorakis earlier this year, has been sitting at about 5-6 percent in popular support as it aimed to be an alternative to mainstream political groups.

The party said that all its team had “served with distinction in the private sector” and that they would be responsible for presenting To Potami’s positions in the media.

Civil engineer and construction firm owner Thanasis Skokos will represent To Potami on economic issues, while MEP Miltos Kyrkos will be its public administration spokesman.

Pavlos Eleftheriadis, an Associate Professor at Oxford University’s Faculty of Law, will handle justice-related matters.

Economist Platon Tinios and former ERT journalist Odin Linardatou will also be representing the party.