Caryatids Unearthed at Amphipolis Dig

The ongoing excavation at the Amphipolis archaeological site in Macedonia has uncovered two caryatids (sculpted female figures) of exceptional artistic value.

The Athens News Agency reported the discovery at the dig where major finds from the Alexander the Great era were expected and which have attracted attention around the world. Specialists noted that the new findings further support the view that the monument is of major importance and could yet yield more treasures.

According to a culture ministry announcement, the face of the western caryatid was saved almost intact while the face of the eastern caryatid was missing.

Their positioning to symbolically prevent entry to the tomb, while the technique used is the same with the two sphinxes’ already found during the excavations.

On the figures were found traces of red and blue color referring to Kore female statues. The arrangement of the tomb’s second entrance, featuring the caryatids, constitutes important findings with archaeologists now expecting the tomb will become one of the country’s most important discoveries.