Auchentoshan: 3-Wood Single Malt Scotch

A few months ago, when I wrote the first Single Malt Scotch review for The National Herald, I began with the one I consider as good as any to call “the best”:  the Triple Wood by Laphroaig.

During my travels this summer, I visited the Total Wine & More store in Tampa, FL. That chain has a wonderful collection of wines, beers, and spirits, and has stores throughout the Eastern United States.  But the Tampa store is particularly well-stocked: it boasts one of the finest collections in the entire country.

It was there that I stumbled upon another triple wood bottle, this one by Auchentoshan.  Matured in one bourbon and two sherry casks, it makes for a flavorful final product.

The price was right, too: on the average, it is about $30 less expensive per bottle than the Laphroaig Triple Wood.  And depending on the particular liquor store, the savings can be even more.

For instance, I bought the Three Wood, as the Auchentoshan version is called, for around $40, whereas the Triple Wood is rarely found for less than $60.

But single malt Scotch should be a treat – and while the Triple Wood is exquisite, the Three Wood is quite ordinary.

Sure it’s nice to sample a quaint single malt – one matured in three types of casks – for less than $50.  But for an even better experience, I’d plop down the extra $20 and stick with the Laphroaig.