Do Our Presidents Know What They’re Doing Anymore?

President Barack Obama has begun to pave the way to the commencement of bombing Syria, but not for the use of chemical weapons.

President Barack Obama has begun to pave the way to the commencement of bombing Syria. Not the bombings that were supposed to punish President Bashar al-Assad for crossing the Red Line Obama had drawn in the sand against the use of chemical weapons.

He regrets that declaration, which, as we know, was tossed into the dustbin of history. The bombing prepared now, as I write these lines, aims to stem the advance of the “terrorists” as they are called for emphasis.

With the strict understanding that it will not help Assad. How is that possible? Won’t weakening of his enemies strengthen Assad?
I still do not understand how these crazy jihadists – who want to turn the clock back a few hundred years and create a caliphate – sprang from nowhere.

Nor do I understand how they suddenly are threatening the “fundamental interests” of America, and therefore our President has no choice but to destroy them.

What are our intelligence services doing? How come they did not realize how strong the Islamic State had become? Did they materialize by magic?

Obama has us badly confused, similar to the way George W. Bush did. Although Al-Qaeda’s terrorists lived in Afghanistan, he declared war against Iraq. Maybe they miss Saddam Hussein at the White House. At least he was handling Iraq just fine.

In all fairness, Obama is being very tough on Assad. Not only will he not ask permission, he will not even inform him of the bombing.
Just as he did not tell Iraq that he was sending commandos to liberate the unfortunate journalist who was beheaded.

As if Assad cares. Obama will be doing Assad’s job anyway, he can do as he pleases. On top of that he has the alibi of innocence. The British Empire’s strategic dogma was that, “there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests.”

Today’s America, I’m afraid, knows neither its friends nor its interests. It’s enough to make you dizzy. Do you think our Presidents know what they are doing?