New Book on Asia Minor Holocaust

One of the Turkish government's death marches.

Press Release

San Diego, CA – InAmerica Press today announced it will publish a new book by Samson Soledad and Constantine Papavasiliou entitled, Blessed Are The Peacemakers?: The Destruction of Paradise, in association with The Republic of Plato, a 501(c) 3 program of The ProtoGnosis Institute, the nonprofit organization that commissioned the book and is the owner of the world rights thereto.
The book is set for release on September 9 to commemorate the 92nd anniversary of the most brutal holocaust in the 20th century that is unfamiliar to most of the world. The holocaust is usually associated with the genocide of millions of innocent Jews by the German military under the command of Adolf Hitler in World War II. While the body count may be higher, German industrial prowess turned the process of mass murder into an efficient human disposal system, which is why the subject of this book is noted for its raw brutality. Unlike the Jewish holocaust, the genocide of minority Orthodox Christians after World War I carried out by the Turkish Nationalist government was performed more intimately– by gun, knife, scimitar and fire. The admitted purpose of Turkey’s founding father was to achieve a “Turkey for the Turks.” Of course, the quickest way to achieve that goal was simply to eliminate Orthodox Christians from their homeland of more than 2,500 years.
Samson Soledad, an author of both fiction and non-fiction works, In The Beginning There Was. . . Me (2009), Fifth Sunset (2011), and If I Give You A Fish. . . (2011), appears to invoke biblical references in some of his titles, consistently provides a candid, at times, sarcastic approach to his published books. His co-author in Peacemakers? is a direct descendant of holocaust survivors who also is related to the revered martyr of the “Catastrophe of Smyrna.” Saint Chrysostomos was mutilated and then dragged through the streets of Smyrna, in Asia Minor (present day Turkey) as was his predecessor, Saint Polycarp, who was martyred in the same city, nineteen centuries earlier.
The salient object of the book is to clearly point-out the duplicity of the Supreme Council of the Paris Peace Conference after World War I – France, Great Britain, Italy and the United States – whose decisions resulted in the mutilation and murder of millions in the short term, but have continued to result in the suffering of hundreds of millions and continues to do so in the present day.
The book has already received accolades from the hierarchy of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Armenian Church, including the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Constantinople, whose comments were made in spite of having to pass them through Turkish censors on their way to America.
Blessed Are The Peacemakers? will be available in trade paperback, eBook and audio formats at publication.
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