Panormos Beach in Mykonos

Ah…Mykonos…the famous cosmopolitan Greek island brimming with art galleries, young tourists, and a kooky local flair. For those interested in loud music, rowdy visitors (mostly Italians) and dancing on tables by the beach, Mykonos offers a number of beach bar options catering to party-seekers.

For those looking for a bit more privacy, relaxation, and less noise, Panormos beach is a great choice. The waters here are clean, and less crowded, and the beachfront bar and restaurant serves you delicious and pleasing to the eye dishes right on the sand.

Located on the northern side of the island, Panormos beach is family friendly, though note that nudity is allowed, and can be witnessed in more extreme cases toward the more secluded right side of the beach. Unorganized until recently, this sandy beach has become increasingly popular in the past couple years among those looking for a more exquisite combined beach and dining experience. Three years ago there were no umbrellas on the shore but you can now reserve your spot in advance free of charge with a purchase of food or drinks from the Panormos Bar and Restaurant.

To reach Panormos from the Chora and the port of Mykonos, take the route to Agios Sostis Beach where you will pass the Marathi Water Reservoir and the island’s countryside, speckled with traditional whitewashed Cycladic-style houses and buildings. When you get there, parking is available on site. You may be pleased to find an authentic Mykonos donkey waiting for you.