Greek Soccer Players Fixed Matches

ATHENS – Judicial investigators said they believe four Greek soccer players colluded to fix matches so they could pool the winnings from betting on the games.

Their names weren’t given but authorities said they were from a Super League team and had won scores of thousands of euros

According to the probe’s results, seen by Kathimerini, a 24-year-old player repeatedly contacted a 28-year-old man regarding betting issues ahead of a game between perennial champion Olympiakos and Panionios.

The soccer player advised his contact to bet on there being more than 13 corners in the game. There were in fact 16 – 13 conceded by Panionios and three by Olympiakos. This allegedly led to a post-tax betting win of 19,100 euros.

Wiretaps on the players’ phones suggest that the 24-year-old was to be paid 6,300 euros and the other three players lesser amounts.

The 24-year-old was also found to be in contact with a 48-year-old gas station owner to whom he allegedly owned 30,000 euros. In a text message, the player appears to suggest he could help fix matches.

Allegations of corruption and match fixing have been rampant in Greek soccer but have done little to discourage fans known for their blind devotion to their teams.