Ouzo Mini: Smooth, Mellow, Perfectly-Balanced

Mytiline boasts about being the home of the best ouzo in the world, and Mini, which is made there, is a prime example.

A traditional 80-proof Ouzo, Mini is perfectly-balanced in terms of anise content and potency.

Not too dry, not too syrupy – it is a light, easily-drinkable ouzo that holds up well on the rocks, but is a pleasure to sip neat, too.

This summer I’ve been drinking and reviewing ouza from all over Greece (even an “Ouzo-like” version from Minnesota!), and there are some regions of Greece that can give Mytilene a run for its money as top ouzo spot in the world.

But then, a few sips of Mini remind why the capital on the island of Lesbos remains the ouzo champion of the world.