Small Growth in Greek Hirings

ATHENS – It’s just a blip on the radar screen during unemployment rates still near record highs, but hirings in Greece in July were more than job losses.

Figures published by the Labor Ministry on Aug. 8 on its Ergani database showed hires outpaced job losses by 13,275 although there are no government plans to offset unemployment exacerbated by austerity measures imposed on the orders of international lenders.

The database, which records inflows and outflows in all sectors of the Greek labor market, also showed that from January to July this year 189,572 new job positions were created, in contrast to the same period last year when new jobs stood at just 91,611.

“It is encouraging that the positive picture of paid employment in the private sector was maintained in July, in line with the general recovery of the labor market,” Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis said.

“The positive developments in paid employment also mirror to some extent the course of unemployment,” Vroutsis added, citing figures from the Manpower Organization (OAED) showing that the number of registered unemployed people declined by 9.32 percent from the start of the year to June to reach 963,492.