The 150-year-old Apollo Theater of Syros

Located in the center of Ermoupolis behind Miaoulis Square, the Apollo Municipal Theater of Syros is one of the island’s must see historical sites and architecturally unique venues. Originally built in 1864, the Apollo Theater is one of the oldest opera houses in Greece – a symbol of the islands prosperity and cosmopolitan influence.

Up until 1944 when it was almost completely destroyed during WWII, the Apollo frequently hosted well-known Italian and Greek operas. In the aftermath of the war, the theater was left abandoned for several decades and its condition declined over time despite several efforts in the 1950s to renovate the building.

Fortunately, the Apollo underwent a careful reconstruction that began again in the 1980s, eventually reopening to the public in 2000. Now celebrating 150 years in existence, the former opera house currently hosts a variety of performances, bringing the theater closer to its former glory.

Drawing on the original building designed by Italian Architect Pietro Sambo,the renovated theater, with its embellished interior and wrap-around balconies, brings the flare of Italian Opera to this history-filled Cycladic island city. Also known as “La Piccola Scala,” the building itself is said to be a miniature replica of the famous opera house “La Scala di Milan” in Italy, and is constructed with white marble and limestone.

The interior features the main stage with four theater box floors, as well as ornate wall and ceiling paintings. On the third floor, visitors can view a collection of theater and performance memorabilia including original costumes and texts belonging to famous performers, providing a glimpse into this opera house’s glorious past. If you’re not catching a show, you can still visit the Apollo for a small entrance fee.