Greece Getting Ready for Ukraine-related Winter Natural Gas Disruptions

Environment Minister Yiannis Maniatis on Friday chaired a meeting on measures to deal with possible natural gas supply disruptions in winter due to the crisis in Ukraine. Any supply problems would adversely affect natural gas dependent businesses and households, as well as natural gas fired power plants.

The Revithoussa liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal can help the country deal with this kind of disruptions, whereas domestic resources (lignite, hydro and renewable) can be alternatively used for energy production.

Crisis planning also provides for a reduction or even interruption of the supply to industries and large consumers so that household demand can be met.
According to the ministry, the European Commission has asked all member-states to prepare crisis plans (stress tests) and submit their report by the end of August.

During the meeting, Maniatis was briefed on the course of the Greek report and as well as the country’s initiatives on a number of issues, such as a Risk Assessment Study for the coming winter, the specific direct measures that would help the country deal with potential supply disruptions as well as any precautionary measures that need to be immediately applicable.

The ministry’s secretary general Konstantinos Mathioudakis as well as representatives from the energy regulator RAE, the National Natural Gas System Operator DESFA, the Independent Power Transmission Operator ADMIE, the natural gas supplier DEPA and the Public Power Corp (DEI) participated in the meeting.

“Stress Tests are a necessary precautionary measure in view of a possible disruption of natural gas supply from Russia via Ukraine in the coming winter,” Maniatis said after the meeting.

“Their results, including specific measures both emergency and precautionary, will be included in a special report that will be prepared and sent by the ministry to the EU. We proceed with all necessary actions so as to minimize problems in supply security issues caused by a possible crisis,” he said adding that consumers were the top priority for the ministry.