Fr. Dokos Free on $5000 Bail

CHICAGO – After missing two scheduled hearings, Fr. James Dokos, made his first court appearance regarding the felony theft charges related to his tenure as the pastor of the Annunciation Church in Milwaukee.

The 62 year-old priest has been suspended from his current duties as parish priest at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Glenview, IL.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Dokos “stood before a court commissioner in a Milwaukee County courtroom during the brief hearing, where his bond was set at $5,000. Because it’s a personal recognizance bond, he was not required to post any money to be released…wearing a black suit with a clerical collar and smiling as he entered the courtroom, Dokos did not speak during the hearing, and no mention was made of a medical emergency that caused him to miss his previous court appearance. He had also failed to appear at an earlier hearing because of car trouble, his lawyer said.”

Assistant District Attorney David Feiss told the Tribune that he agreed to the $5,000 bond because “Dokos has been cooperative during authorities’ investigation into the priest’s handling of a trust fund intended to benefit Annunciation Church in Milwaukee.”

“Dokos is accused of improperly spending more than $100,000 from the trust fund, allegedly writing checks to cover credit cards bills, other personal expenses and gifts to other officials in the Greek Orthodox church…But his attorneys have denied that Dokos engaged in any wrongdoing. They have said Annunciation members sought the prosecution against him to cover up their own mismanagement of church funds,” according to the Tribute.



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