UK Cypriots Mark Invasion’s 40th

Barbed Wire and ruin still litter divided Cyprus.

In an event titled ‘Cyprus: four decades of illegality and injustice’, organised on Tuesday evening at the House of Commons by the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, London’s Cypriot community, friends of Cyprus and Members of the UK Parliament marked the sad anniversary of the July 1974 invasion and occupation of the northern part of the island by the Turkish troops.

The Federation’s President Peter Droussiotis said in his opening remarks that the event marked 40 years of anguish for the relatives of the missing and “the utter injustice of division, ethnic cleansing, cultural genocide, religious desecration – the pernicious legacy of Turkey’s invasion.”

Mr Droussiotis added this anniversary is also one of failure – “the failure of the international community to hold Turkey to account.