Midtown Manhattan Café Invaded by Sunday Bees

NEW YORK – The customers at the Fresh&Co. café at 42 West 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan were safe, but they were trapped inside when by a  swarm of bees

“The bees swarmed the door at Fresh&Co. at 42 West 57th St. in the early morning, prompting manager Andreas Andreou to dial 911. ‘It was crazy! I called 911, and after an hour they sent the police and then a bee specialist,’” the Daily News reported.

Customers were trapped inside the sandwich shop and other potential customers stayed away until an NYPD expert came and collected the stingers with a vacuum.

The News quoted NYPD Det. Anthony Planakis – whose nickname is Tony Bees – “I’m more worried about the safety of the bees…If someone comes around flailing their arms they could get stung, and we’re trying to avoid that.”

He told MyFOXNY “I set up a vacuum which was a lot easier to remove them than by hand, since there are a lot of people around.”

“The insects were buzzing in a swarm at the top of the door, flying up and down in front of the door and blocking the entrance, Andreou said. Customers were afraid to go in and out of the cafe that sells sandwiches and salads,” according to the News.

Planakis, who has a bee tatoo, said he collected 99 percent, although he said some “stragglers” remained.

The bees – there were 6000-8000 in the swarm – will be taken to a location in upstate.