2012 Presidential Race – Update

In the “my turn, your turn, my turn again” see-saw battle that is the 2012 Republican primary season, Mitt Romney reclaimed the momentum on Tuesday with wins in DC, Maryland, and Wisconsin. Of course, reports that he is having a multimillion-dollar car elevator installed in one of his homes didn’t do much for his image among unemployed, underemployed, and working class folks – all of who comprise an enormous chunk of the undecided voters.
Nonetheless, Romney is increasing his delegate stronghold over second-place Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul – though very far behind – vow, as does Santorum, to remain in the race. Historian Gingrich in particular knows a great deal about the days when party nominees were chosen at the convention, and often after several ballots, and has no problem in arranging for history to repeat itself.
Meanwhile, President Obama is already counting on facing Romney in the fall, and has begun calling him out by name on the campaign stump. But Obama and Romney shouldn’t count their chickens quite yet: delegate-rich Pennsylvania (Santorum’s home turf) and Texas (whose governor, Rick Perry, has endorsed Gingrich) have yet to vote. Stay tuned!