Recycling Medea Premiers in America

Director by Asteris Kutulas

By Fotis Papagermanos

NEW YORK – Art is thought-provoking, and many questions crossed the minds of audience at the U.S. premiere of “Recycling Medea,” the film directed by Asteris Kutulas and scored by renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis.

“Is it a new film or is it a mere recycling” – as the title declares – “of some elements of the well-known tragedy by Euripides” and “what role did the music of Theodorakis play in the development of the film,” were among them, and the answers were provided by the director himself, who also wrote the script with his wife, Ina.

Kutulas told TNH, “I am very happy that I was able to watch the film’s U.S. premiere. I am grateful to the Greek Culture Center (KEP),” which presented the film. “I did not expect the theater to be packed…I am deeply touched” he said of the audience that included Olympia Dukakis and filmmaker Nick Efteriades.

He also spoke warmly of his work with Theodorakis, which dates back to 1980.

Mike Geranios was the cinematographer for Recycling Medea, which was lauded at the Berlin Film Festival as the “the most honored film of the year.”

Kutulas has been asked to screen in in Washington, DC Los Angeles, and three major universities.