2012 Presidential Race – Update

A few days ago former President George W. Bush was asked whom he would support in this year’s presidential race. As the elevator doors closed, he shouted out to the reporter: “I’m for Romney.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement.
Some in the media portray Bush’s low-key response as a GOP strategy to keep the still-unpopular former president out of the picture, though the more accurate interpretation might be that 1) true to the Bush tradition (his father did the same thing), the younger Bush is keeping his word that he does not plan to stick his nose in politics any longer, and 2) like many other Republicans, he is not exactly thrilled with his party’s presumptive nominee.
Meanwhile, President Obama didn’t have a particularly good week either, with a very grim jobs report that underscored how frail the economic recovery that he orchestrated really is.
Non-major party hopeful Buddy Roemer ended his presidential bid, after inexplicably shunning the support of the established Reform Party, instead putting all of his eggs in the basket of Americans Elect – a suspect online initiative that failed to gain any ground in terms of producing a nominee, and which ended up imploding.
Given the weak jobs report, the Republican powers-that-be might be kicking themselves for not having backed a stronger candidate to challenge Obama. Coupled with Roemer’s departure, that leaves the electorate – for the time being – with a virtual non-choice between Obamney and Obamney.