Greece Calls Turkey's Oil-and-Gas Plan a "Provocation"
NYC Mayor Eyeing Curfew after Violence Flares amid Protests
Greece Extending Fence on Turkish Border, Equipping Riot Cops
World's Oligarchs Snap Up Greek Luxury Homes During COVID-19
Day of Peaceful NYC Marches Gives Way to Chaos after Dark

Black Businesses Hit Hard by COVID-19 Fight to Stay Afloat

Detroit — Stephanie Byrd agonized over temporarily laying off nearly the entire staff at her family's trio of Detroit businesses when the coronavirus pandemic hit...

NYC Mayor Eyeing Curfew after Violence Flares amid Protests

NEW YORK — New York's mayor said Monday he was considering putting the nation's biggest city under curfew after nights of destruction followed three...

Biden Meets with Black Leaders at Local Church amid Unrest

WILMINGTON, Del. — Joe Biden met with community leaders at a predominantly African American church in Delaware Monday morning, leaving home for a second consecutive...

Cyprus Will Text Migrants: Stay Away, No EU Gate Here

Cyprus will hit mobile phones with multi-lingual text messages that the country is not a path for migrants to get into the European Union after reaching the island where they are in limbo.

Rich Russians Jetted to Cyprus During COVID-19 Lockdown

With the money to do it, wealthy Russians who wanted to get out of their hard-hit country during the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic took private jets to Cyprus, which had a better record dealing with the health crisis and has a heavy Russian influence.

Cyprus Expects Post-COVID-19 Big August Arrivals of 600,000 Tourists

Cyprus is pinning its hopes that tourists will come this summer when the lockdown aimed at preventing the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is lifted, counting on people taking a chance on traveling and that airlines will resume full service.

Falling in Love with Honey and Local Flavors

Dating back to ancient times, bees and plants evolved together to make our world more complex and beautiful. Storytellers can write the most unique love story, with coincidence...

Greece Lifts Its Lockdown on Hotels, Pools, Golf Courses

ATHENS — Greece lifted lockdown restrictions Monday for hotels, open-air cinemas, golf courses and public swimming pools as the country ramped up preparations for the...

Police Union Critical of Minneapolis Leadership

MINNEAPOLIS — The head of the Minneapolis police union is speaking out about what he says is a lack of city leadership during a week of protests that turned violent after...

Trump to Governor: "Most of You Are Weak”

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is telling the nation's governors that most of them are “weak” and calling for tougher crackdowns on violence as protests...

Biden to Meet with Mayors of Afflicted Cities

WASHINGTON – Joe Biden will hold a roundtable with several mayors whose cities have been affected by unrest over the weekend.

WHO Official says Central, South America Seeing Worst Transmission Worldwide

LONDON— The emergencies chief of the World Health Organization said Central and South America are currently witnessing the most intense transmission of the coronavirus...

Ukraine Has further Eased Its Coronavirus Restrictions

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraine has further eased its coronavirus restrictions, allowing intercity travel and opening gyms.

Italy Registered One of the Lowest Day-to-Day Increases in COVID-19 Cases since Early March

ROME — Italy has registered one of the lowest day-to-day increases in coronavirus infections since the early days of March, before the strict national lockdown.