Greeks World’s Most Sexually Active

Despite a crushing economic crisis - or maybe they have more time on their hands - Greeks are the world's most sexually active people, going at it three times a week.

Greece’s crushing economic crisis has seen the country at, or near the bottom, of a lot of lists worldwide, but their woes haven’t kept Greeks from being the world’s most intimate – and the second longest lasting lovers.

Greeks go at it an average of 164 times a year to rank first among the most sexually active countries, the German newspaper Bild reported, citing a condom manufacturer which conducted a survey.

That put Greeks far ahead of the second most sexually hungry people on the planet, the Brazilians, who do it 145 times a year, followed by Russians and Poles, at 143. The least active are the Japanese, at only 48 times a year, or less than once a week. The world average is 103 times per year, or just less than twice a week.

According to the survey, having sex isn’t of the same importance all around the world, as 80 percent of Greeks find having sex very important, and top the list again, opposed to citizens of Thailand, where only 38 percent believe that sex is important.

Greeks are non-stop lovers too, once they get started, and have most stamina, staying at it an average of 22.3 minutes until they’re finished, just behind Nigerians, who can last 24 minutes on average.

The top 10 most sexually active countries are:

Greece: 164
Brazil: 145
Russia: 143
Poland: 143
India: 130
Mexico: 123
Switzerland: 123
China: 122
New Zealand: 122
Italy: 121