Absentee Papandreou’s Wages Docked

ATHENS – Former Greek Premier George Papandreou, who is often absent from the Greek Parliament where he is a lawmaker, is losing a chunk of his pay because of commitments keeping him out of the country.

Parliament officials said an undisclosed amount of his monthly salary of 5,760 euros ($7,708) is being deducted because he’s usually not there.

Papandreou, the former PASOK leader, is President of the Socialist International, is a paid speaker for events and has previously taught at Harvard and at Columbia, where he received a $30,000 salary and a luxury apartment for a few lectures on governance.

He had resigned as prime minister in 2011, hounded out of office by relentless protests, strikes and riots against austerity measures he imposed on orders of international lenders and has since blamed speculators, the European Union and other forces for undermining him.

The wage deductions were announced only for April. It was not disclosed whether he had been paid his full MP salary while living in the United States and traveling and not showing up in the Parliament.

After it was reported his wages were being docked, his office put out a statement that he had asked for that be done for any days he misses while out of the country. Parliament rarely meets but MPs are paid anyway even when not in session and the deductions only apply to the days he missed while it was meeting, which is infrequent.