Golden Dawn Wants Leaks Plugged

ATHENS – The wife of jailed Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos has filed a suit demanding the government prosecute anyone found to have leaked details about the government’s case against the extremists of running a criminal gang.

Eleni Zaroulia – who, along with the rest of the party’s Members of Parliament and hierarchy was among those arrested – said whomever is found to have given out information unlawfully should face charges themselves, of breaching confidentiality and Greece’s strict privacy laws.

She said news stories have unfairly impugned and defamed Golden Dawn members as the government is amassing a case with more than 10,000 pages of evidence and digital files prosecutors said showed the ultra far-right group used Nazi methodology and structure in operating.

A raft of news stories have reported damaging evidence was found against the party’s 18 MPs, two of whom have since quit after they said they weren’t aware of the criminal activities, said to include orchestrating attacks on immigrants, which it has denied.