Rudolph Giuliani Speaks at George Demos Fundraiser

NEW YORK – With the June 24  Republican primary just a few weeks away, the congressional campaign of George Demos got a big boost when Rudolph Giuliani appeared as the guest speaker at a fundraiser on May 20.

The guests were welcomed by the candidate’s wife, Chrysa Tsakopoulos Demos, who thanked everyone, including the sponsors, Froso Beys, who hosted it in her Manhattan home, Helen Demos, Stephen Cherpelis, Antonis H. Diamataris, Peter J. Pappas, Sr., Peter J. Pappas, Jr., Dean J. Poll. Eric Hatzimemos was also thanked by Demos for helping organize the event.

Demos spoke briefly about his commitment to public service rooted in his family’s values and his experience as an SEC enforcement attorney and  said how privileged he felt to receive the endorsement and support of Giuliani, whom he introduced.

The ebullient former mayor who deftly deflected a later question about his own political plans told the attendees how important it is for them to support Demos through donations and by encouraging people they know in the New York’s 1st Congressional District to vote for Demos, whom he believes will make a difference in grid-locked DC.

The man credited with turning New York City around emphasized the impact one man can make by citing Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama respectively as positive and negative examples.

He said Demos was a man of strong conservative principles who is of a practical mind that can work with Democrats to move forward where there is common ground – as he proves daily in domestic life married to a stalwart of the Democratic party.

Giuliani, who appears in numerous TV ads, believes Demos’ message resonates in a district where incumbent Tim Bishop is far to the left of the electorate.