Career Day at Hit at P.S. 111 in Astoria

ASTORIA – P.S. 111 is “The Magnet school for Multimedia, Communication Arts and Journalism” in Astoria. On May 16 the school, whose motto is “Where Learning Has No Limits,” hosted it annual Career Day.

Maryellen Tsangalidis, who is from Thessaloniki, is the guidance counsellor for the school that has classes from Pre-K to the 8th grade. She told TNH the tradition, which she and her colleagues established, goes back 11 years.

“We bring guests to speak to the upper classes about their jobs so that the students can learn about what they do and be more open exploring different opportunities.”

There are about five teachers and numerous students of Greek descent at P.S. 111 and everyone is excited about graduation on June 25.