Souvlaki’s Sidekick: Johannisof Charta

I often pair spicy, flavor-intensive dishes with sweeter style wines. Residual sugar can balance out off-the-chart hotness on the palate, while not inhibiting flavor.

That being said, not everyone wants to drink sweet white wine, and there must be a middle ground between a wine you’d enjoy on its own and a wine that’s a perfect match for a dish.

A dry style German Riesling like this Johannishof Charta Riesling is a great companion to spicy food that is not sweet.  Goes great with souvlakia and kaftera.

Tropical fruit flavors of melon and mango mesh with peach, apricot, and subtle ginger. This is a precisely focused wine with bracing acidity and structure.

The finish is soft, and tapers off slowly.

This wine is also a great value for the region – it’s luscious texture and nuance may surprise you for the price as compared to its peers.